Am here to introduce an interesting Application called Elanol which can be used to send Messages to all Networks for free. Elanol is a platform for chatting with friends and family members. You can also use it to chat and send pictures to your contacts.


1. Elanol can be uses to chat with friends and family members
2. It can also be used to Send FREE messages friends, clients, customers and contact list
3. You can use it to advertise your business and showcase your products to the world
4. It provides Latest news around the Globe
5. With Elanol, you can share Stickers and Pictures with your loved ones

Our concern here is how to use it in sending free messages to all Networks. Let us see how it works :
1. Download and install Elanol from Playstore

2. Open the Application and register.
3. After successful registration, you can now send message to any network for free. It will display all the numbers in your contact list. Just pick the one you want to send a message to. If the number is not in your contact list, press the arrow at the bottom of the Application and write the Manually.

That is all

1. It is free but needs internet data before it can work
2. It allows sending multiple messages at a time. What you need to do is to separate the recipients numbers with Comma (,)

3. For now, It allow a sending a maximum of 30 messages daily


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