GLO is back with their free data day. This is the second time they are announcing their Glo free data day. This second phased of free data day was earlier scheduled to come up on 11th August 2017 but the decision was reversed when Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) cancelled the decision , though the reason is yet to be disclosed.

Fortunately, having reached an agreement, NCC has endorsed the implementation of the plan and as a result Glo announced Thursday 28th September as their Free data day.


Yes, everybody is eligible for the free data day but you have to meet their condition seven days to the pronounced day. The condition is that you must have Used a minimum of N250 on voice calls or use minimum of N150 on voice and 100MB data from any or a
combination of:
i. Pay as you use
ii. Existing data plan

Then after that You will receive a message from Glo confirming your eligibility for the free data day. One last important thing to take not is that this so called Free data day is not Unlimited. The data is capped at 200mb for Eligible users.


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