Recycle Bin is a Computer Software which allows the user to recover his or her deleted files. Any file that is deleted on a computer will not be deleted permanently. It will be stored in Recycle Bin. If the user wants to delete the file permanently, he has to go to the computer Recycle bin and delete the file there.

Recycle Bin is very useful in the sense that we may delete some files mistakenly and we will wish to recover such files. Fortunately, this feature is now available on Android devices. Am going to share how you can enable Recycle Bin on your Android device. Although Different Recycle Bin have been uploaded on Google Play store but one of the most effective one is ES File Manager.

ES File Manager is an Application that helps in managing the files in Internal and External storage of a device. It also has other features part of which is serving as a Recycle bin.

1. Download and install ES File manager from playstore or any available store online

2. Open it and click on the three lines at the top right side of the app

3. Scroll down and you will see Recycle Bin. Tap on it.

That is all.

Henceforth, Any file you delete by either by mistake or due to one or two reasons can be recovered from the the Recycle Bin


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