Some of the movies we watch and download are subtitled in the the language we don't understand, like Chinese, French, Hindi, etc, and we find it difficult to understand what the entire movie is all about. This is the gap part of which this post intended to fill. Am going to share a tutorial on how to download and add a subtitle to an already downloaded movie. Two applications can be used for that purpose. They are MX player and X player. Any of the two apps can be used to add a subtitle to a movie. I am starting with MX player.

1. Download and install MX player from Google Playstore

2. Launch your MX player and Locate the movie to which you want to add a subtitle. I will be using Bahubali part 2 as example

Long press the movie and click on the three dots at the top right side of the MX player

4. After that click on Online subtitle then click on Search

5. A page with GET SUBTITLES ONLINE as the Head line will show up. Just click on OK.

6. It will display all the online available subtitles for the movie. Just pick the one you like and tap on Download. After downloading, you can continue watching your movie with the subtitle

In case if you could not find the subtitle online, go back to Step 5 above, tick the box beside ENTER YOUR SEARCH TEXT. It will display the title of the movie. Erase the movie additional titles and leave online the title alone. Eg. If the movie is
It will become

Then click on Okay. And continue from there.

1. download and install X player from playstore

2. Locate the movie and start watching. As soon as it starts playing, pause it then click on the three dots at the top right side of the App. Continue from there, the remaining steps are the same with MX player

Your internet data should be on while carrying out all the above steps


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