In my previous post, I discussed how to get up to N10,000 with ALAT by Wema. I also mentioned that their Master Card can be requested for and it is free delivery to the address you provided. I received my Master Card just two days after I made the request. I made the request on Tuesday and the card was delivered to my address on Friday. Both the card and its delivery are free. Am using this medium to advise those that have not requested for their ALAT Master card to hurry up now and make the request now before they start charging for it.

Don't forget that ALAT banking system is entirely digital. You don't need to walk into a bank again. From your phone, tablet or computer, wherever you can get online, you will be able to save money, send money, pay your bills and more. Beyond those basic features, ALAT' s unique extras will make disciplined saving easy for you, schedule your payments and free up time for you to do things that really matter.

ALAT Master Card can be used with POS, ATM or for Web payments.

For those that have received their Master Card. Follow the instructions below to activate it

1. Log in to your ALAT profile

2. Click on Cards and select Set Card Pin

3. Answer the security question

4. Enter last four digits of your card number.

4. Create and Confirm your card pin

5. Authenticate the activation with your ALAT pin

6 You will receive a pop up message that your Card has been activated

7. The final step now is to just go to any ATM machine and check your account balance. After checking the balance on any ATM, you will receive an email message from ALAT confirming the approval your transaction. This shows that your card is read for use.

Do you know that you can lock your Card and nobody will be to use unless you unlock it? Yes, this is wonderful
1. Login to Your ALAT and go to Cards

2. Click on Card Control and you will see Card Lock. Tap on it to put it ON and save. Once it is ON, nobody including yourself, can use unless you OFF the Card Lock

If you are a new user and you want to know how to join the ALAT team, click the link to know more about ALAT by Wema


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