Wema bank was established on May 2, 1945, as a private limited liability company. It was granted a commercial banking license and
commenced banking activities during the same year. Wema Bank converted to a public limited liability company in 1987. I. It was granted a Universal Banking License in February 2001.

WEMA Bank, which marked its 72 years anniversary recently, said it is
repositioning with a new digital agenda, as it launched an innovative banking solutions named ‘ALAT’, and it added that the banking system will be fully digital. With Alat, you can do all your bank transaction on your phone without going to the bank. It is easy, faster, reliable and secured. It is more advanced than Diamond Yello account. They also introduced Referral Promo with which You can get up to N10,000.

HOW TO GET N10,000

1. Download Alat mobile App from playstore

2. Click on sign up to create your account and follow the simple steps. Use KAW8EJ as your referral code

3. After you have created the account, you need to make it fully active by funding the account with N500. This can be done either by making a transfer to your Alat account using the account number on your dashboard or by using your other banks ATM to send #500 to Alat bank account

4. After funding the account, Goto Menu and click on Refer a Friend. Copy the link or and send it to your friends so that they will also download the App and register.

You will be rewarded with N500 from WEMA on each person u refer And if you refer 10 people your account will be credited with additional N5000 naira making total of N10000 and u can withdraw the money from d BANK Or transfer it to any bank of Your choice.
That is all

You can visit this link to iew it as WEMA Bank CEO introduced it on channels tv. YouTube



1. The account is a Standard savings account, it can accept up to 200000 naira at a time.

2. You can as request for the Atm online or via nearest Wema bank. It is free delivery as the time this post is made

3. This offer ends by October 31st 2017

4. Don't forget to use KAW8EJ as your referral code when filling the registration page

For more updates visit the

facebook page @ALAT By Wema or call 070022552528


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