How interesting will it be to enjoy 2gb daily, 60gb in a month? With additional 1.5gb? All for just N500. Wow.. This plan is worth going for. 9mobile easy clique users, this your time to rock. Before I continue to the main field let me share more light on it. This package is a mixture of day and Night browsing. Here is the break down of it . The subscriber will enjoy;
1. 2gb every night (1am to 5am) which can only work with the intervention of Anonytun vpn

2. 500mb which You will subscribe for and enjoy bonus of 1gb. It can be used anytime without using Anonytun. It works with all Application.

3. 1gb for mid-night browsing (12am to 5am). It is 100% you will get for subscribing for monthly 500mb .It does not require Anonytun vpn before it can work

Only the 2gb can be enjoyed daily, others can be enjoyed only once.


1. Make sure you are on easy cliq or dial *244*1# to migrate

2. Activate 100% double data offer by dialing *545# and reply with option 3 indicating the offer. Make sure you activate the 100% data offer before going to step 3

3. Recharge N500 and subscribe for 9mobile monthly data plan of 500mb by dialing *200*3*1*3#

Now You can start enjoying your Gigabytes

As I have said earlier that the 500mb and 1gb can be enjoyed once and without using Anonytun Vpn but the daily 2gb needs Anonytun to work


1. Download the official Anonytun Vpn from playstore or click Here to download Anonytun Beta version. Install it after downloading

2. Open it and click on Continue

3. You will see Stealth Settings at the top right corner, click on it and set the following:
Turn on Stealth Tunnel
Connection Protocol : HTTP
Connection Port : 80
Turn on Custom TCP/HTTP Headers

4. Now Click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers
and set the following
Request method: POST
Injection method: Normal
Tick User-Agent
Don't mark other options

5. Click on Generate, then save
6. Click on Connect, wait for few seconds for AnonyTun to start reading. When it starts reading, that means you are good to go.

Now you can start rocking your 2gb daily with additional 1.5 gb

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  1. Please will the VPN work on unrooted phones like Samsung s5

    1. The VPN works on both rooted and non rooted Android devices.

      I have not tried it on Samsung before but it suppose to work sir

  2. thank you brother, may God reward you abundantly

  3. It is working perfectly if you follow the procedure correctly