Google Playstore is the No 1 android market from where you can download numerous apps, games, movies, books, etc. However, some android phones do not support playstore while some dont have it installed on their phones. In this tutorial am going to share how to download your favourite apps and games easily on your phone even if your phone is not supported.

1. Android phone. Minimum of version 4

2. Install Fire fox, Google chrome or IDM on your phone.

I will be using Google chrome for this tutorial and the application to download is Mobile uncle tools.. Here we go

1. Open your Google chrome and go to

2. Search for the application or what you want to download. Am using Mobile uncle tools as an example

3. Having seen the application, copy the download link in the address bar on the top left or right corner of the page

4. Minimize or close the page then goto and click on APK DOWNLOADER

5. Paste the link you copied and click on GENERATE DOWNLOAD LINK

6. Finally, click on CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD and your application will be downloaded.

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