9Mobile (Etisalat) is here again with their fantastic bonus. In my previous post, I mentioned how the Network providers are competing with one another, coming up with different offers and bonus in order to entice their subscribers. 9Mobile Welcome Bonus of N4,000 has been announced like one month ago when I receive the message from them.

I recharged N,200 but I wasn't given the bonus that was why I did not post it here because I thought the not what real.

Fortunately, one of my whatsapp group members brought up the news again that 9Mobile are giving out Bonus to their subscribers. I checked my data balance and I didn't see the data bonus. I took courage and recharged N,200, I was surprised with the bonus I saw on my phone.
1. N1,000 for National call valid for 30 days. It is divided into two N500 for calls to all network and the remaining N500 for calls to 9mobile lines only

2. N3,000 worth of data valid for 30 days. It is equivalent to 750mb.

3. 250mb for midnight browsing, 12am-4.00am. Valid for 7 days

Unfortunately my N,200 airtime was deducted. I called the customer care and was told that the N,200 has been converted to the bonus I received. They added that my subsequent recharge will neither be deducted nor will I receive the bonus again. The N4,000 bonus is for those that have not used their Sims only within the period of 35 - 180. The Cliq4d nite 250 mb is for any subscriber that recharged N,200

1. If you have not used your 9mobile with the period of 35-180 days, Just recharge N200 and enjoy your bonus of N4,000 worth of calls and data with additional 250mb. Scroll up to check the breakdown of the bonus

2. If you have used your line within the aforementioned period, the recharge of N200 will only give you Cliq4d nite 250 mb which can be used between 12:00 am and 4:00 am and it is valid for 7 days.
Dial *232# for call bonus balance and *228# for data balance.

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  1. Oh no. My line is always active

  2. Eyah, sorry for that, you can still enjoy free 250mb for midnight browsing