GLO 0.0K and Etisalat are the two free browsing in vogue presently. The Glo is unlimited while the Etisalat is just 60 mb daily. In my previous posts I discussed the steps and procedures on how to enjoy the Glo 0.0k with Tweakware and Anonytun Vpn. Though the two Vpn above are fast when browsing, downloading but not as fast as ucmini handler. Ucmini handler is good for downloading big files.

I decided to make this post because of those that have problem when downloading big files with Tweakware and Anonytun. Before I continue, I want you to take note of the following

1. Ucmini handler does not power all applications. It works on ucmini handler only.

2. It is very fast and has no speed limit

3. It does not require any Vpn before it can work

4. It is unlimited browsing and downloading

Now follow the steps below to set up your ucmini handler

1. Set your phone Apn as
Name : Glo
APN : gloflat or glosecure
APN Type: Tick Default & Supl
Proxy: leave it blank
Port: leave it blank

2. Download Ucmini handler from Here

3. Open your Ucmini handler and set it:
Device user agent: Android
Web user Agent: Opera or Safari
Referer type = Real referer
Handler download limit: 9999999991
Tick remove port
Proxy Type: Real Host
Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Type: Default or HTTP
Real Proxy Port: 80
Then click OK

You need a working and fast proxy to download big file e.g, A proxy server that works for a particular site may not work for another site. This is why am putting down 14 working proxies which you can use anyone of them to download any big file, Video, Music, Document, Application.



1. To download any big file, video, music, Game or Document, Go to the site from which you want to download the file and select the file. I will be using ANIMAL KINGDOM movie as the movie to download in this tutorial.

2. After you have seen the movie, click on download. Go to download side of your ucmini handler, you will see that the movie is not downloading. Long press it and click on the three dots that appear at the bottom of your screen then click on details.

3. Scroll down and press copy, press back

long press the film again, tap on the basket at the bottom, then tap on delete and

4. Open another Tab and Go to a webproxy site. Choose any of the 14 proxy sites above. Clear the http:// in the box

paste the link you copied in No. 3 above and click on Go

5. Before you click on Go, make sure the format of what you are downloading is correct
3gp or mp4 for Movies
mp3 for Musics
pdf or doc for Documents
apk for Applications

6. Choose download

That is all
Drop your comments if you have any question.


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