YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees – Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in February

YouTube is the most popular video hosting resource and the third most popular website in the world. The success of this project owes to
its convenience even though not every video can be downloaded an saved using common methods. It is a bit difficult to download video directly from Youtube. That is why I decided to share 6 ways in downloading Youtube videos on android devices.


Tubemate is an application that is used to download Youtube videos. It is a third party application that is why it is not available on Google Playstore.

I will be using THE AVENGERS as the movie to download throughout this tutorial.
There are so many infected fake TubeMates on 'Google Play' and internet. Please get TubeMate from the verified sites for your device' s safety. Visit http:// and choose one of the verified download sites.

Click the Install App button and Click OK for the warning that the .apk file you are trying to download could harm your phone. Install and open the Application after the downloading is complete then I
if you agree to the terms of users
click on Agree .

You can either use Tubemate to download YouTube videos directly within the app, or within the YouTube app itself. If you are downloading directly from Tubemate, open the Tubemate app and use
the search function to find a video. After you have seen the Video to download, press the green arrow at the top of the screen, choose a resolution and again tap the green download icon.

If you are downloading the video from the YouTube app, launch
the video, then tap Share and choose Tubemate. You will be asked to choose a resolution(Video Format ), then click on the green download button


Vidmate is another third party application used in downloading videos from video hosting sites among which is Youtube. It performs the same function with Tubemate and it is easy to use.

Download and install Vidmate from

Open the app. Search for the movie and click on download. Choose the format you want and again tap download. Check the images below for better understanding

3. SAVEFROM. NET presents the fastest ways to download videos from YouTube, providing the best quality of the videos saved from YouTube. In this method you need to add ss to the video link you are downloading.

There are two methods in using


Open your browser then log in to

Search for the video you want to
download open it. Copy the video Link/URL. Then open another Tab and visit or and paste in the Link/URL of the Video on the Box shown, then Click Go Button.

Go to your browser and visit then search for the video, example, THE AVENGERS, then add ss to the url of the video and press ok or Enter. You will see url on top of your screen at the address bar. If the url is

it will become

After you have changed the url, click on Enter or Ok or Go. Choose your format and your video will be downloading

9xbuddy is also a downloading site that has the same function as Instead of adding ss to the video url, you will add 9x to it From the example 3 above, the url will now become

You can also follow the first method in No. 3 above by copying the url and pasting it at

This method is the same as No 3 and 4 above. Just add magic between 'you' and 'tube' of the video url. It will become

Alternatively, you can visit and paste the video url in the box provided then click on Download


This is another video hosting site from where Videos can be downloaded without diificulty. Just visit or and search for the video. Click on the video and choose the format you want.


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