I hope you are still enjoying the Glo 0.0k I posted earlier on your phones via Tweakware and Anonytun even though some were still to unable have their VPN connected. If your tweakware or Anonytun did not work
n your android, you can signify by by putting down a comment so that we can find solution.

Today's tutorial is on how to share your vpn with your PC, so that you can be enjoying the internet service for free on your PC

PdaNET+ is an application that shares the Internet access of your Android phone with your computer or tablet. It works on all Android phones and does not require rooting.

Before we start,make sure the vpn (psiphon, simple server, Tweakware, Anonytun, etc,) you are using is connected on your phone.

Now let us start

1. Click Here to download and Extract PdaNET+ for android, PdaNET+ for PC and FoxFi Key

2. Unzip and open the Zip file you download above. Then Install FoxFi Key on your phone to crack PdaNet

3. Click Here to download PdaNET for android

4. Download PdaNET for PC from Here

5. Install and and launch PdaNET+ for android on your phone. Then Activate USB TETHER. (Make sure you enable USB debugging from the developer option).

6. Install the PdaNET+ for PC on your PC and connect your mobile device via USB cable to your PC

7. Open the PdaNET+ on your Pc and click “connect internet''. It will verify and authenticate your connection automatically and display connected

You can now enjoy your free browsing on your PC
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