Few days ago, I posted on how to enjoy the Glo 0.0k using Tweakware Vpn. I believe you are still enjoying the Tweakware. Am going to introduce another vpn that can be used with the glo 0.0k. It is ANONYTUN vpn. The advantage of Anonytun over tweakware is that it does not have daily bandwidth and it is also a bit faster than Tweakware. I really enjoyed it. I used more than 2gb streaming online videos and downloading before disconnecting. Another good thing about it is that even if it disconnects, it reconnect automatically within 2 or 3 seconds.


1. Download Anonytun Vpn from playstore and install it.

2. Open it and click on Continue

3. You will see Stealth Settings at the top right corner, click on it and set the following:
Turn on Stealth Tunnel

Connection Protocol : HTTP

Connection Port : 80

Turn on Custom TCP/HTTP Headers

4. Now Click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers and set the following

URL/Host: redirect.glo.com

Request method: POST

Injection method: Normal

Tick User-Agent

Don't mark other options

5. Click on Generate, then save

6. Click on Connect, wait for few seconds for AnonyTun to start reading. When it starts reading, that means you are good to go.

If you notice that it has connected for some minutes or seconds and it is not browsing, just switch off the data and switch it on again. It will connect.
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  1. Glo network is not good in my area, is there any other way out?

  2. It is working faster for me I have glo network on my area now nothing sweat me than glo speed Now