Nigerian network providers have been doing their best to motivate and encourage their subscribers to continue using their SIMs. It was first started by MTN when they give out N500/N600 upon recharge of N100 on any SIM that have not been used for 30 days

Airtel followed their footstep with 20x promo, N200 for N2,000. Not long after, Etisalat introduced Win Back Promo, N200 for N,4000. Now Glo has joined the league with what they called Welcome Back Promo. It is 6x bonus. This promo is for SIMs that were not in use for 30 days. So, If you have a Glo SIM that you have not used for 30 days, just take it and Insert it inside phone and wait for Glo Welcome Back Message.

Recharge N100 to get N600
Recharge N200 to get 1200
Recharge N500 to get N3,000
Recharge N1,000 to get N6,000(This is the maximum bonus)

As for me, I recharged N200 on my Glo SIM which was on Glo Bumpa Tariff plan and below are the bonuses I received,
1. N1,200 or more for calling(Glo to Glo only), SMS and browsing. It is valid for 30 days. Dial #122*34# to check

2. 15mb valid for 7 days

3. 105mb. Validity is unknown to me.  Dial #122*22# to check

4. N800 to call Family and Friends numbers. Valid for 30 days

5. If you are on Glo Bumpa Tariff plan, You will also get N400 to call all network, valid for seven days. Dial #122*2# to check

1. The offer is on any abandoned SIM that have not been used for 30 days regardless of the Tariff plan.

2. There is additional bonus if the abandoned SIM is on Glo Bumpa Tariff Plan,

3. Make sure You receive the WELCOME BACK message before recharging

4. You can not use Family and Friend on Glo Bumpa, but can be used on Glo Infinito
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