MTN double data bonus has been introduced by MTN for long. They started with TECH double data bonus where the subscriber gets 14gb for N2000 only. Since then New smart phones have been coming with double data bonus which will last for a period of six months. Those that could not afford to buy new smart phones were using IMEI method to get their own bonus.

Later, MTN reduced the bonus from 100% to 20% even on new smartphones. They even stopped the bonus on new smart phones. Fortunately, another method had been discovered on how to get 100% data bonus without changing your Imei. With this method You will get double of any data plan you subscribe for.

How to Get Double Data on MTN
This should be done on a smartphone
Send these messages one after the other
1. Send DOUBLE to 131
2. Send PROMO to 131
3. Send FREE to 131

You will receive three messages from MTN.
First message : Your request has been received

Second message: You have sent an invalid command

Third message : Dear Customer, enjoy Data offers on MTN Deal Zone, Dial *131*1#

Having received the third message, you can purchase your data plan by dialing *131*1# and enjoy your double bonus.

Dial *131*4# to check your data balance or send 2 to 131 to check your data and bonus data balance.

To confirm whether your SIM has been activated for the offer or not, you can purchase small data plan like 50mb for N100 and check the balance if the bonus is there

Enjoy your double data bonus

1. The third message is the determinant showing that your SIM has been activated for the offer. If you do not receive the third message or what you receive is contrary to the third message above, retry the method again. If after retrying, you do not receive the third message, it means Your SIM is not eligible, so don't waste your money in subscribing

2. The double data bonus is applicable only to any data plan purchased through *131*1# or by sending a command or USSD to 131

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