You have to register for MTN SHARE AND SELL by creating a transfer pin. You will send a SMS command to 777 in this format: "Default PIN [space] New PIN [space] New PIN" . The default pin is 0000

 Assuming you want  5980 to be your transfer pin, your  SMS will be like this, 0000 5980 5980 . You can also change your PIN using USSD like this: Dial *601*default PIN*New PIN*New PIN#, for example, *601*0000*5980*5980#. You will receive a message informing you that your PIN has been changed. If you are changing the pin for the second time, your default pin is no longer 0000. Assuming your pin is 5980 and u want to change it to 9732, the ussd code will now be

There are two ways in transferring Airtime on MTN, via SMS and USSD Code.


Compose a message and send to 777. The format is
Transfer [space] MTN Number [space] Amount [space] pin.
For example, to transfer N100 to 08034567890 assuming your pin is 5980. The SMS should be
 Transfer 08034567890 N100 5980
Within seconds, you will receive a notification from 777 asking you to confirm the transaction. Reply with Yes to  confirm the transfer.

You can also transfer credit using USSD like this: Dial
*600*Number*Amount*PIN#, for example,*600*08034567890*100*5980#. When the transfer has been completed, you will receive a message informing you that the transfer was successful.

1.The transfer is free

2.You can transfer a minimum airtime of N50 and a maximum of N5,000 per transaction. The maximum daily  transaction is N10,000 


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