Etisalat uses 0000 as its default transfer Pin. You can use it as your transfer pin and if you wish you can change the default pin by dialing*247*0000*New pin#.

For example, if you want to change your PIN to 5890,dial *247*0000*5890#

How to Transfer the Airtime

Dial *223*Pin*Amount*Phone Number#. For example, To transfer N200 to 08091234567, dial *223*5890*200*08091234567# and

1. You must have at least 10 Naira balance remaining after deducting the amount you wish to transfer. If you have 200 naira on your SIM, you can only transfer N190 so that N10 will be left on the SIM.

2.You can also change your transfer pin. If your transfer pin is 5890 and you want to change it to 3598, Your default pin is now 5890 not 0000. You will dial *247*5890*3598#

3. The minimum you can transfer is N10 and the maximum is N20,000 while the maximum daily transfer is N100,000

4. Transfer is free

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