This offer had been on air since last year when MTN introduced TECH offer, an offer that gives 7gb data plan for N2000 but with the aid of 100% data bonus, my data was doubled and I was given 14gb.

Now the offer is for new Smartphones. If you purchase a new Smartphone and insert your MTN inside, you will receive congratulation message from MTN that Your Smartphone is activated an you will be receiving double data bonus on any data plan you activated for six months.

However, there is away of getting the same offer for six months without buying a new smartphone. It is by tweaking imei. Tweak the imei below while your MTN SIM is inside the phone.
After successful tweaking, wait for congratulation message form MTN. Wait for 5 or 10 minutes. The message will be like this

If you didn't receive the message after 10 minutes, you need to generate another imei and tweak it.
After receiving the message, you can go ahead and subscribe for any data of your choice by dialing *131*1#.

You will be given 100% data bonus. You can even verify whether Your phone has been activated for the offer by trying the lowest data plan which is daily plan, 30mb for N100. (Don't forget to cancel auto renewal of the daily 30mb by dialing by sending NO104 to 131). That was what I did and I was given the double data.

The bonus data has the same validity with the main data.

Are you new in IMEI tweaking?  Click Here


  1. Thanks for the tutorial, by the way Use this tool to Generate Valid and Unlimited IMEIs