You have to take note of the following before you can share your data with your friends

1. You can only share purchased data, not bonus data

2. The minimum amount of data you can share is 10mb and the maximum is 50mb at once

3. The maximum amount of data you can share in a day is 250 mb

4. You must have an extra data of 100mb before you can share the data. For example, If you have 130mb, you can only share 30mb out of it.

5. The moment your data plan expires, the shared data will also expire.


Dial *229*PIN*Mb* Etisalat Number#

The default PIN is 0000 and you can use it as your transfer PIN.

To change the transfer PIN dial *247*default PIN* new PIN* new PIN# if you are changing it for the first time. But if you have changed it before, dial 247*old PIN* new PIN* new PIN#.
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