This is another working method for activating the Airtel 4.6GB. I have shared a tutorial on how to get the 4.6gb using IMEI but not all users have the ability to tweak an IMEI. More so, some smart phone s' IMEI can't be changed. Fortunately, another working method have been discovered. The method involves Tariff plan migration and changing SIM slot. Carefully follow the steps below

1. Migrate to AIRTEL Smart Value. Dial * option 5 which is Billing and Tariff. Select option 5 again for Smart Value

2. After successful migration, change the Airtel Sim port from the one you have been using before. If you have been trying the AIRTEL 4.6GB on SIM 2 before ,change it to SIM 1. If it is SIM 1 you are trying before, change it to SIM 2.

3. Send MIFI to 141 , then send GET to 141. Wait for congratulation message from Airtel. Then recharge N200 in the format *143*pin#

4. You will get a message that you have been given 250mb. Dial *223# or *140#.

You will see your 4.6gb, 250mb, 200mb waiting for you..

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