What a pity,, Hhmmn, I miss your laughter that I hear whenever the cold wind brushes the tips of my fingers.Your two eyes that reflected my face, because am lonely,I cry and cry again.The words I could not say as my lips were frozen.

Although you flow from my own two eyes,you cannot see me.Although my lips call youcalmly,you can not hear me. If we have met and loved during different times
in different places,would we be happy right now? For the rest of my life,it should have been you,but now it will be only staggering figure.Since
I can't hate you or forget you,I guess there is nothing left for me to do other than to love you.
Even though we loved each other,we are now having to part.Even though we are under the same sky in different places,pls dont forget
me. By any chance do you know this? That person who let you go, then turned and cluthed at hischest,that person is me.Please love that
person,Please come back some day.

There is a wind blowing inside my heart.Your image is being erased. While having a dream called regret,I stand missing you.I lasted a day
because you said you love me,I lasted a month because of your gaze staring at me.I love you,I
love you, but my wound has spread so I cant go,I cant say true to these words,'' I LOVE YOU.''
The day I leave you,I will love you,I will wait for you. You remember all the times we spent together,the words I couldn't say,I will say them


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