UPDATE ON ETISALAT UNLIMITED BROWSING ANDDOWNLOADING WITH SOCIAL ME PACKIt s obvious now that the Etisalat social me last only for 24 hours after it has been on for more than two weeks. Although it lasts for a day now, it still remains unlimited. The only choice left now is to subscribe forthe weekly or monthly social pack. Both of which work with any of the known VPN softwares. If you areusing d same sim,you have to deactivate the previoussocial pack by dialing *343*5*0# but if it is new,just go ahead and subscribe.For the weekly bundle,dial *200*3*3*2*2# valid for 7days @ N300OR*343*5*6# valid for 7days @ N150 (For Easycliq users only)For the monthly Social pak,dial *343*6*11# valid for 30days @ N500NoteThe monthly social pack works only on Easycliq sim. Dial*244*1# to migrate to easy cliq. Make sure you are on easy cliq before activating the monthly social pack.After subscribing for the monthly social, just launch your vpn(Simple server,Open VPN,Psiphon or Tweakware) and start enjoying. You can check our previous posts to see how to set the VPN softwares for the unlimited browsing

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