Simply follow the steps
1. Get two phones and put MTN in the first one phone and etisalat in second phone.(The etisalat must be on easycliq)
2. Load 100 naira on the MTN,dont use the credit till 12:30 mid-night so that you can be entitled to MTN free night call.
3. Call the etisalat with the MTN and dont forget to add 1111 or 1234 or 7777 or #555 after the etisalat number (e.g 080979845651111). Pick the call and leave the phones. You can even sleep. For every 5 minutes,your etisalat wil receive one. This is equal to 12 minutes in an hour,24 minutes in two hours. You can also be charging the phones at that time. The MTN free night call ends at 4:30 am. Check the balance of your Etisalat credit. You wil receive a message showing your etisalat bonus credit.
1. Make sure you wake up and cut the call by 4:30 so that your 100 naira wont be deducted.
2. If you dont want to load 100 naira on the mtn, you can migrate to MTN biz by dialing *460*1#. By migrating to MTN biz, you don't need to load 100 naira before you can make free nite call.
3. The codes 1111,1234,7777 and #555 do not work for 090 etisalat numbers
4. The credit bonus can only be used to call easycliq etisalat numbers. Dial *273*etisalat number# to know whether the number you want to call is on easycliq or not.
5. The bonus can accumulate and it is valid for 3 days


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