My Sisters!

Please before you get married, You need "PP" & " PP". First "PP" means:
Prayer and Patience!
Second "PP" means:
Proper Preparation!
Don't rush into marriage so that you won't rush out of it!
Don't just marry any brother because you didn't find somebody to marry you since!
Let me ask you a question!
Who told you that you can't find your real
husband? Please don't risk your life by marrying brother without proper investigation!
I must confess to you that Our Brothers nowadays:
They are just pretending in front of Sisters like a pious brother!
They have turned beard to Uniform! They have turned Tasleem to logo!
They have turned recitation of Quraan to a bait!
They have turned speaking of Arabic Language to athing of pride!
And whenever a Sister sees such brother she will fall head over heels and thinks within herself
'if I don't marry this "Brother Saudi " I will killmy self'
My Sisters!
Beware of 419 brothers


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