1. Always seek and respect his opinions on your
aspirations,dreams and plans,be open to him.
2. Learn to study his mood and appropriate time
to start discussion on issues.
3. Never disrespect him in the presence of
people,otherwise you wil loose his respect.
4. Discover his sexual need and make it
5. Be transparent and trustworthy,you will win his
6. Admit your mustakes and always be humble
enough to apologize.
7. Learn to be submissive to your husband
irrespective of your status.
8. Learn how to use facial and verbal expressions
and tone of voice to show that you value him.
9. Avoid nagging,it brews resentment.
10. Support him financially as much as you can
but dont boast of it, Allah does not like vain
glorious boasters.
11. Always appreciate him for everything he has
done to the family,with gratitude,you earn more.
12. Offer him useful advice but don't impose
any,he will respect your wisdom.
13. Be polite to his friends without overdoing it.
14. Choose your words carefully when you are
angry,because tongue is the greatest weapons of
shaytan to cause disunity.
15. Pray for him on a daily basis,because the
prayers of two lovers are quickly answerd.
16. Don't let work take over your life,create
leisure time for sporting,recreation and time for
your husband.
17. Always be clean and compliment his good
dress sense.He will appreciate your femininity.
18. Get rid of bad habits that annoy him.
19. Don't be sarcastic and high handed while
pointing out his faults.
20. Don't belittle his masculine characteristics by
treating him as if he is stupid.
21. Be forgiving when he offends you, Allah is
Most Forgiving.
22. Comfort him when he fails but don't criticize
or blame him. No one is Immaculate
24. Always prepare appetizing meals to glue him
to the meals at home.
25. Be motherly to him and the children,because
you are the home builder.
May Allah make it easy


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