There are many online smart contracts that deal with earning cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Some of this platform are real while some are are scam.

Am here to introduce a new legit platform from which you can get as many Ethereum as you want. The platform is called Forsage.

Forsage smart contract is a platform which gives you Etherieum and you trade them for instant cash any day anytime directly to your bank account.

There is no time limit or targets or pressure with this program. It is based on Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Initially, joining Forsage requires a one time payment of just 0.055 Ethereum, which is less than $10.00 USD but now it has been increased to 0.065 eth

You can get your payment either through referral, spill over and over flow


On forsage, you can refer in order to triple your earnings. You only need 3 referral at the first level. If you don't have referral. You can still be paid through spill over and over flow. You will get more than your capital within a short period of time


You can also earn from spill over. The amount of Ethereum you earn based on spillovers varies. When your downlines or uplines has gotten more than enough profit for any particular level and refuse to upgrade or by another level spillover happens. The system randomly gives their profit to others who didn't refer. Once you join an active team, you will be earning frequently from spill over.

Spillover works in such a way you earn from people around you on the system irrespective of their location, it could be Lagos, London, Span, India, USA, Russia, Asia or anywhere within planet Earth

Overflow are funds that comes from your upline activities When all his slots are filled up. This happens when your upline has earned to the extent his basket get filled. Other earnings will start falling on you whether you refer or not.

Overflow gives dollars and that is why you need to join our hot TEAM in order to fall under a very hot upline.

You can make money from forsage without referring, and that is through overflows and spillovers.

On Android devices, Trust wallet is the best wallet to you use with Forsage. If you are using Computer/Laptop, Metamask is the best wallet to use

Forsage has two stages (X3, X4) and 12 levels on each stage.

Forsage X3

These are earnings gotten from referring. Simply referral bonus. Each level needs 3 people. Then you upgrade to another level.

Forsage X4
These are earnings gotten from your Uplines and downlines. This is the area where spillover and overflow happens (I.e earnings given to those who didn't refer anyone)

If you register with 0.07 Eth ($17 or #8000) on forsage both stages are open for you. That's is forsage x3 and X4. So you can earn from referring and without referring.


To get started on forsage you have to fund your Trust wallet account with at least 0.065 Eth ( which is $17 ).
The fund is used to get started. (i.e level 1) Now follow the following steps to set up your Forsage account

1. Install Trust Wallet on your phone from Google play store or Matamask on your Laptop/PC

Create an account on the trust wallet or Metamask and fund your Ethereum wallet with 0.065 eth

From your Trust Wallet go to DAPPS and paste the link below on the Search or Website URL space bar

2. Click on the Button that shows CLICK TO REGISTER or UPGRADE Slots or AUTOMATIC REGISTRATION

3. Click Confirm on the next page.

4. Confirm and Approve your Payment.

5. Wait for 2 minutes for your payment to be confirmed by the system.

Congratulations, your Registration is Successful.


From your Trust Wallet, click DApps paste the link https:
on the space for search or Website URL and click enter. Then, On the next page, click on Automatic Login/Registration.
It will take you to your account.
Copy your referral link and take note of your ID.


Login into your Forsage account from your Trust Wallet through DApps,

Then click on the next slot ( both in X3 and X4 package in each case) that has a basket image.
Confirm your Purchase.

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