Chinese sound organization 1More's Triple Driver headphones kicked the chances when they hit the U.S. a couple of years back, turning into that irregularity in the sound world that back up their contrivance with uncommon execution for the cash. As the name recommends, each earbud utilizes three separate drivers — double adjusted armatures and a solitary unique driver — for sound that far surpasses what we anticipate from a couple of $100 buds.
1More Triple Driver Over-ear headphones

The organization's most recent earphones, reported at CES in January lastly advancing toward showcase, pull a correspondingly gimmicky trap, packaging a graphene driver, an artistic tweeter, and a bass reflector together to keep 1More's most noteworthy profile marking flawless. While not exactly a similar head-slapping deal as the first, the Triple Driver Over-Ear are substantially more than publicity, giving a shimmering clear, revved-up sound mark that is deserving of their namesake.


Each 1More item we've gotten arrives in a comparative box, intended to resemble a hardback book, with stylish signs that look a balance of hardware and cosmetics box. A gold attractive seal opens to a salmon-tan paper outside, cut around a dark matte hard case. DaVinci-esque representations of the earphone's engineering line the container's inside, alongside a different box with a delicate case for more tightly voyaging situations.

1More Triple Driver Over-ear earphones

Riley Young/Digital Trends

The earphones lay collapsed in on themselves inside the hard case, uncovering an exceedingly adapted plan, incorporating earpieces embellished with straightforward windows and what has all the earmarks of being wheel edges along the outside. Extras inside the case incorporate a texture sheathed dark association link and a gold quarter-inch connector.

Highlights AND DESIGN

Cherish it or severely dislike it, there's nothing vanilla about the Triple Driver Over-ears' outline. The splendidly roundabout earpieces look like adapted truck tires on account of the edge like defensive plates, while matte dark lines along the aluminum-combination containers are met with a lot of laser-cuts of silver. The outside windows along the edges are really the reasonable bass reflectors, however there's some positive '90s sentimentality at play whenever you can see inside your gadgets.

Liberal cushioning on the earcups and along the wide band is jacketed in smooth cowhide — an appreciated touch at the $250 cost. Intended for long listening sessions, the Triple Driver Over-ear are light (293 grams to be correct) and very agreeable. "Wise sections" in the band are intended to take weight off your head and 45 degrees of turn helps each earcup fit perfectly.

At the back of each earcup is a stereo contribution for the bifurcated link, with supportive shading coding to portray the left and right channels, coordinated by larger than average "L" and "R" lettering inside. 1More says the without oxygen copper link flaunts a Kevlar center, however what it doesn't offer is a mic piece or control keys of any sort, which have turned out to be standard at this value level (and well beneath).

1More will contend this away by saying these earphones are intended for "studio" tuning in, however the execution is noteworthy, you won't almost certainly pick these for blending or following, and a solitary catch mic piece at any rate would have been valued. Then again, double voyaging cases do include some additional esteem.

Liberal cushioning on the earcups and along the wide band is jacketed in smooth calfskin.

While the Triple Driver Over-ears' namesake isn't simply publicity, there are in fact only two dynamic drivers in each earcup, including a 40mm graphene-covered powerful driver and an earthenware tweeter intended for quicker transient reaction, coupled like a smaller than usual two-way speaker. The uninvolved bass radiator makes up the third "driver," pushed by the woofer for improved bass.

A Hi-Res confirmation identification implies the Triple Driver Over-ears offer a broadened recurrence reaction, coming to from 10Hz to 40kHz, while a 32 ohm impedance rating makes them simple to control with for all intents and purposes any gadget.


In the event that we needed to aggregate up the Triple Driver Over-ear's sonic execution in single word, it would be "enjoyable." The sound mark is exceedingly influenced, which is the reason these presumably shouldn't be utilized for studio work — for that, you'll need something with a compliment (and, some may state, additionally exhausting) recurrence reaction.

Rather, the Triple Driver Over-ear give a vivid sonic flavor, set apart by a brilliant and shimmering midrange, sweet and clean treble, and some revved up bass for a dynamic ride crosswise over frequencies. So, while they're definitely not level, the earphones offer a lot of detail and textural disclosure, coordinated by a generally open soundstage to permit all each instrument in a track to prosper.

1More Triple Driver Over-ear earphones

Riley Young/Digital Trends

Vocals, piano, and woodwinds sound particularly smooth and velvety with the Triple Driver Over-ear, with voices pushed conspicuously to the bleeding edge. Elton John's Tiny Dancer serves up a piano track that is a balance of gem and cream, while percussion is smart and tight at the assault. So also, John Denver's Poems, Prayers, and Promises from his dazzling Wildlife Concert recording gives striking instrumental partition, from the flawlessly cut triangle at the extreme ideal, to the vacillating breath of the flute, to the marvelous slide guitar at focus left.

For ears used to the less adapted reaction of adjusted armature and planar attractive drivers (i.e., those of yours really), bass can incidentally get a bit boomy on account of some additional scoop in the midbass, yet to our joy, it never veils the higher enroll, leaving the treble and midrange without a worry in the world to take up their own particular space. Giving that bass reflector something to do on melodies like Too Short's Just Another Day makes for some energizing tuning in, as well, standing its ground with strong, intense hits that stone through your eardrums.


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1More offers a one-year guarantee for all items bought from approved merchants. You can discover more about the guarantee from the organization's site.


1More's sweet and salty Triple Driver Over-ears add another check stamp to the brand's win section, offering an agreeable fit coordinated by a vivacious sound mark that inclines up your most loved tracks in all the correct ways.

Is there a superior option

There are such huge numbers of earphones in the $200 to $300 section we could be here throughout the night naming options, yet we thoroughly consider the Triple Driver ear hold their own great. All things considered, we'll name a couple to consider, including remote models like V-Moda's bass-cheerful Crossfade 2 Wireless, Even's wood-grain H2, and maybe the nearest to the 1More to the extent sound quality, Audio-Technica's MSR7, which offer a cleaner, more expert looking plan and a more tightly bring down enroll, however we don't believe they're so comfortable.

Would it be a good idea for you to get it?

Truly. In case you're searching for vivid style in both plan and execution, 1More's most recent expansion to the Triple Driver family are another extraordinary purchase.


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