ZOTO has revamped the app for Android from the ground up with ease, simplicity and speed in mind. Now you can spend more time focusing on important tasks and leaving the rest to us.


After listening to your feedback on the Play store, via mails and NEW, and even in-person interviews held earlier this year, they were able to rethink the entire approach to your favourite recharge and payment app.

Their engineering team set out to redesign the app with a few things in mind

1. Make it easier to make payments

2. Give the app a more modern, cleaner look

3. Communicate more efficiently with you

4. Provide better self support


First thing you will notice straight off the bat is the cleaner, simpler and more modern look the new Zoto V3 shows off. Taking a card design approach, everything you need is now in focus and easier to reach. This will reduce the number of taps needed to reach your frequented tasks.

The floating services bar ensures every payment is just a click away and always in focus, no need to swipe all the way to the top anymore. And if you’re looking for the next available coupon, no need to go into an offers page to get that. Check out the offers tab on the home screen


Your most frequented payments can be made right from the home screen now, with the added ability to edit your payment details before proceeding to checkout. This significantly cuts down time spent on repeated recharges. There’s also the easier coupon application system that takes on a simple list approach instead of having you type in the coupon every time you wanted to apply one. With this, Zoto has made payments a joy, not a chore. With fewer clicks and simpler steps, making your next payment will be a breeze on Zoto V3.


For the customers out there that prefer the DIY approach to challenges seldom faced on apps, the V3 update is a leap in the right direction. Simply tap on the order with a payment issue and get a swift response with multiple solutions to possible causes. And if your issue is bank related, You will be given their contact details right from the app.

But if you’re still stuck and need human help, they are one tap away from a phone conversation or live chat. Simply hit the floating message button on the support page.


At about 80% lighter than some competing apps, Zoto V3 is a stunning upgrade to an already exciting product. As of today, 9th November, this update is now available to all Android users on the Play store including BETA users.


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