I don't know what is wrong with our Network providers. We are complaining how our purchased data are being Zapped up. We expect them to increase the amount of the data or to reduce the rate at which the data is being zapped, but instead of doing that they started reducing the amount of the data without reducing the price.

9mobile took front by reducing their monthly data from 1.5gb to 1gb. Glo followed their footstep when they cut down their monthly data from 3.2 gb to 1.6 gb even though they reversed it indirectly. Now MTN has joined the league by indirectly cutting down their monthly data plan.

As we all know that MTN N1,000 naira data plan gives 1.5gb which can be used any time whether day or night but now the case has changed. They still give 1.5gb but only 1gb + 500mb (1am to 5am). This means that the 1gb can be used anytime while 500mb can only be used between 1am to 7am. Likewise the N2,000 data plan that gives 3.5gb has now changed to 2.5gb + 1gb(1am to 7am).

Is this Fair?

I hope that Airtel will not join the league


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