This free browsing was over the air last year but it came to an end when Etisalat capped up the chat pack data. Fortunately, it has recently resurfaced with unlimited access to facebook, whatsapp, twitter, Instagram and BBM only. But we can use vpn applications to power all our applications, chat download and video stream on Youtube or online movies.

There are many vpn applications that can be used but am going to use Pronet Vpn in this tutorial because it is fast and stable.
You need to be on Etisalat easy cliq or dial *244*1# to migrate. After that subscribe for Etisalat weekly chat pack for N150 by dialing *200*3*3*1*2*1#. Don't forget that it is unlimited for a week. Automatic renewal is applicable and you can opt out by dialing *343*5*0#.

1. Download Pronet vpn Here

2. Install it and open it. If it asks you to choose Psiphon browser or Tunnel whole device, choose Tunnel whole device. Now click on Dzebb Handler and set it thus.
Tick Remove port
Proxy Type - Real Host
Proxy Server -
Real Proxy type - Default
Real Proxy server - leave it blank
Real Proxy Port - 80
Leave the rest and click save

3. Click on pronet option and Untick Connect through and Http

Press back an wait for few seconds, it will connect.

There is speed throttling in ye course of your data usage and we are still working on how to bypass it