To share data on Airtel, you need to take note of the following

1. Blackberry and Android data bundle can not be shared
2. Monthly data bundle can not be shared
3. Data bonus can not be shared.
4. You can only share normal and regular data e.g, daily and weekly data bundle.
5. The minimum you can share is 3mb and the maximum is 1024mb or 95% of your data plan
6. The shared data has the same expiry date with the Sharer's data

1. Dial *141# and reply with 8

2. If you are sharing the data for the first time, you need to change your pin from the default pin to any four digits number. You will reply with 1

3. After you have successfully changed your pin, dial *141# again, reply with 8, then reply with 3

4. Then you will reply with 2

After that you will write the receipent's number, the amount of mb you want to share and your Pin


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