I know alot of people know about the MYADS app is an android application that gives free airtime for completing offers and receiving a minimum of 20 seconds call. Each 20 seconds call will give you 5 points which is equal to N5.
Now am going to teach you how to get many credits with MYADS.

1. Download and install MYADS from this link and register with your Etisalat SIM. Use shabuz as your code.

2. Put your Etisalat SIM on your android phone you registered with then get another Etisalat SIM. Both SIMs must be on Easy cliq or dial *244*1# to migrate.

3. Put that second Etisalat SIM in another another phone and recharge N100 on it.This will allow you to make free midnight calls.

4. Wake up by 12:30am at midnight, then call the Etisalat line on your android with the other Etisalat SIM. Myads app will pop up pick the call ,wait till it reach 20 seconds then cut the call and you will get 5 points.

5. That is how you will be doing to continue earning more points

Your data has to be on while receiving the call.


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